I love working with people. I am curious and always look forward to new photographic encounters. I like celebrity appointments just as much as everyday situations, in the studio or on location, by myself or with a more comprehensive photo team. What is always important to me is personal connection, establishing a respectful and individual approach to ‘see’ the other person. It is important to me to tell the uniqueness of the other person.
What's the best way to tell a story about someone, a place or an incident? By taking time. I believe that with the right mix of empathy and persistence, every story can be told in a respectful and differentiated way, whether as a portrait series, artist portrait, classic reportage or in video format. Listening, being open and staying with it are the essential ingredients of a well-told story.
Corporate photography, employer branding, employee campaigns, Work 4.0: as a photographer, I strive to capture what makes a company special. As I mainly work in the portrait sector, I believe that it is ultimately the employees who form identity, culture and brand message. They are always at the centre of all my corporate photography assignments.
Employer branding and PR campaigns, employee shoots, and campaigns of a more general nature, which I have photographed in recent years
For me, moving images are an additional tool for telling stories about people and events. Some things can be told in an entirely different way, particularly when it comes to sound, editing and image sequences. I now enjoy working in both areas, photography and moving image. If clients want me to both in one go, it requires a more planning, but basically I feel comfortable in both areas.Bewegtbild bildet für mich ein zusätzliches Instrument um von Menschen und Ereignissen zu erzählen. Manche Dinge lassen sich auf diese Art und Weise noch differenzierter erzählen, vor allem mit Ton, Schnitt und Bildsequenzen. Ich arbeite mittlerweile gern in beiden Bereichen,Fotografie und Bewegtbild. Falls es für Kunden an einem Tag geschehen soll, dann bedarf dies etwas mehr Planung, aber grundsätzlich fühle ich mich in beiden Bereichen wohl.